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Grand West Region GD 56 – Morbihan witness an Arts exhibition Arts teaching Techniques classroom organization life of the class Ecole Paul Langevin, Pontivy the Museum of little devils.

in: Grand West Region> GD 56 – Morbihan witness an Arts exhibition > Arts teaching Techniques> classroom organization> life of the class Ecole Paul Langevin, Pontivy the Museum of little devils. The first exhibition of the academic year 2010-2011 The Museum of the little devils – Second Exhibition 2010-2011 By Jacqueline Benais on 21/03/11 – 21:55 In: Grand West Region> GD 56 – Morbihan witness an exhibition Arts> visual Arts teaching Techniques> classroom organization> life of the class Ecole Paul Langevin, Pontivy the second exhibition of the “Museum of little devils” in the school year 2010-2011 a comment more from exhibitions in a doc in: an exhibition Breach CEL For teachers teaching journal Principles> communication teaching Techniques> literature July 1983 CDI Decor: A high school 1450 inhabitants (1300 students), built in 1962 therefore totally mat, on the outskirts of a big city (the right bank of Bordeaux little fame).

Action: For 10 years with an eclipse of the three years he had exhibitions within the school, the C.D.I. that is to say, the Documentation and Information Center otherwise known as doc., the documentary, the bibli. Narrator: The librarian who works there all this time, first alone and then with a librarian colleague.

Author: Marie-Claire Traverse More multidisciplinary Animation in college: a French Gossip exposure for teachers French magazine> Scripture-reading instructional principles> Cooperation June 2011 from an animation playback Read the article in .pdf Author Aline Nicolle more Aix – Easter 73: call for Congress exhibition in: Congress exhibition the Educator CEL for teachers reviewed December 1972 Author: Marie-France Biagetti more After sea class, create an exhibition in: exhibition the New Educator PEMF for teachers review instructional techniques> class organization> transplanted class in October 2001 Francoise Vassort is part sea class in Quiberon in April, with its class for its 23 CP / EC1 Paris, it is a break from the daily family, city and school, potentially rich areas of discovery. An exhibition was organized return.

The minutes of its realization allows us to understand the interaction between the expression of children and share the mistress for better knowledge construction. Author: Francoise Vassort More An exhibition in Avignon In: The Educator exposure CEL For teachers reviewed October 1971 Author: Georges Bellot «first last»
In: The New Educator PEMF For teachers journal Philosophy January 2006 In recent years, the philosophy has entered the primary1 school.

Several schools of thought have emerged, each defining its protocol. Beyond these differences in implementation, there is the political will to allow children to enter a language that opens access to the thinking. One of the most based on the implementation of philosophy of school workshops justification comes the alarming deficit of the school for dialogue on major issues of life.

What we mean by culture, by “talking” to the problems of life, needs to be completely redefined (Jacques Levine) .2 The word children or the youth is too often absent or denied in and out of school. This denial of the right to exist and to think leads to acts not reflected in violent actions that explode at the slightest aggression. Learning about citizenship school advocates and the official guidelines recommend can actually build that if a true word is permitted.

How will a citizen attitude when responding to children’s questions about life problems by “You’ll learn that later, you’re too young” when only the teacher has the right to think and to answer these questions existential. How to make children involved in their learning, when asked to mobilize all their energy to the implementation of thoughts instructions for them.

How do thinkers and scholars children when the debates are led by the master, when the expected responses are valued and others rejected? The introduction of philosophical debate in school does not unanimous: How could philosophize in primary school, while the spirit of the student generalizes little, not conceptualize, feel very little need to universal definitions?

Allow children to learn to think and express themselves to become adults capable of becoming not he is a danger to safeguard a political balance? That is why philosophy only to final year students preferred book and the few students preparing for philosophical studies, homeworkmarket.me/
as if addressing existential problems, think, was allowed only a few.

The will to practice philosophy in schools is to enable all children to the unique experience of being the source of their thinking, and allow it from an early age. This intimate experience is built into the relationship to the group that welcomes everyone’s thoughts, makes their confrontation and enrichment in mutual respect. This particular option values ??the construction of identity of each child and allows access to meaning.

Within the movement Freinet colleagues introduce into their class a “philo moment” while others reject the introduction to this moment that would make it a separate discipline, separated from the experience of the class. For them, the Pedagogy Freinet naturally opens to the philosophical activity because there is always the cooperative class a philosophical dimension into real activities, individual and collective, children.

Then, in all moments of life in the classroom and during exchanges between children that builds the practice of criticism, argument and maturation of reflective thinking in a natural approach that takes into account the globality of each child. 1 View New Educator record, No.

134, PEMF, March 2002 2 Jacques Levine, PhD in psychology, psychoanalyst, founder of AGSAS (Association of Support support groups), is originally Agnes Pautard, teacher in Lyon, philosophical workshops in 1997. http://www.icem-freinet.fr/archives/ne/ne/175/175-3.pdf Author: Marguerite Bachy printable version
Results 81 to 82 from 82 Results The Muz grew By Katina Ieremiadis on 08/12/10 – 5:10 p.m.

In: news Open House exhibition Arts pedagogical principles> term-creation More Chaissac Dubuffet Freinet free expression By Claude Beaunis on 17/06/10 – 9:54 in: Gr. Preparation RIDEF RIDEF exposure pedagogical principles> term-creation Displays the museum of fine arts in Nantes in the exhibition organized on the occasion of the RIDEF Add new comment more «first
In: The New Educator chronic PEMF For teachers review teaching techniques> What’s new?

January 2006 http://www.icem-freinet.fr/archives/ne/ne/175/175-5.pdf Author: Christian Rousseau Print
In: The New Educator tribute PEMF For teachers review in January 2006 http://www.icem-freinet.fr/archives/ne/ne/175/175-4.pdf Author Site BT2 ICEM Print
Results 1 to 10 from 17 Results The electricity fairy By Raoul Dufy School of the Guerche 04/06/12 – 1:42 p.m. In: Exploration, visit This painting was done by the painter Raoul Dufy in 1937 on the occasion of World Expo.

It is 624 m2 (62.40 m long and 10 m high). Cinnamon 2011-2012 2 comments Visit the farm Flavien For the School Conliege 03/07/12 – 10:29 p.m. In: Exploration, French visit> Scripture-reading We visited the farm Flavian, one of the comrades our class. His farm is located just outside Conliege, a village near Lons-le-Saunier, Jura.

We had to go round by Perrigny, Briod Pannessieres and because the bus was too big to go in the mountains of Conliege. The 2011-2012 class Visit the fish For School Conliege on 13/06/12 – 5:44 p.m.

In: Exploration, visit French> Scripture-reading We went to the fish farming Beuque Marigna-sur-Valouse .. . 2011-2012 class 1 comment in Seillons Rally School for the 4 winds on 26/06/12 – 3:06 p.m. in: Exploration, visit Rally in Seillons Monday, June 18, 2012, we made an exit has the Source of Argens. We were divided into teams: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow. We started to sporting events at STAGE!

Elea Loicia Loic David Suzie 2011-2012 1 comment Thoronet Abbey School For The 4 Winds 19/04/12 – 1:16 p.m. In: Exploration, History Geo visit Thoronet Abbey Suzie Loic Cindy Pauline C Pauline M William Elea 2011-2012 1 comment Thoronet Abbey School Amandine By the 4 winds 03/04/12 – 9:22 p.m.

In: Exploration, visit Thoronet Abbey Amandine 2011-2012 5 comments Learn more Thoronet Abbey Loicia School for the 4 winds 17/04/12 – 4:11 p.m. in: Exploration Released visit Thoronet Abbey the summary of the day: So in the morning we went to the store it was a bit looked. Then a gentleman gave us a guided tour of the abbey. He showed us the dormitory, the fountain, the meeting room, library, church and gardens.


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